Welcome to Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting. We are a competition range, meaning the range is not open to the public. Our venue hosts USPSA competition, Steel Challenge competition, Cowboy Action Shooting competition, 3-Gun /  Two Gun competition, PCC competition and Rimfire Competition.


We have 4 clubs at the range that host the different styles of competition. 


The Rocket City Practical Shooters host USPSA, 3-Gun & Steel Challenge match. These matches consist of Pistol, Revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine and Carbine competitions. 

The North Alabama Regulators host Cowboy Action shooting, which uses two single action revolvers a pistol caliber lever action rifle and a double barrel or model 1897 shotgun. 

Cavern Cove Competitve Shooting hosts a rimfire match that is in the Steel Challenge format. 

NRL-22 is a precision 22 long rifle match. 


Our Shooting Schedule is.

1st   Saturday of the month - Rimfire Match

1st   Sunday of the month - Cowboy Action Shooting

2nd Saturday of the month - USPSA 

3rd  Sunday of the month 3-Gun & 2 Gun 

3rd  Sunday - NRL 22 Match

4th  Saturday - Speed Steel 


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