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Range Rules


  • The Range is a cold range, firearms will remain unloaded until loaded at a designated loading areas.

  • Loaded firearms must remain under control of the shooter at all times.

    • Loaded firearms may not leave the shooters hands during a competition unless under orders of a range safety officer. 

    • Durning range use time firearms may not leave the shooters control. A firearm will be considered unloaded if the action is open, chamber empty, magazine removed or tube empty or cylinder empty. 

  • This is a muzzle up range, firearms will be transported muzzle up or holstered or in a bag or case that completely covers the trigger and trigger guard. 

  • ALWAYS make sure no one is down range before start shooting

  • ALWAYS declare line hot before you start shooting

  • ALWAYS declare line cold before moving down range

  • ALWAYS treat your firearm as if it is loaded

  • ALWAYS point your firearm down range

  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

  • ALWAYS be aware of your target and what is beyond it

  • ALWAYS wear eye and ear protection

  • DO NOT load your firearm off the shooting line or outside of designated loading areas.

  • DO NOT handle firearms while the shooting line is cold

  • DO NOT go down range in the presence of a loaded firearm.

  • DO NOT reach beyond the firing line or move beyond the firing line while range is hot.

  • DO NOT shoot any range equipment; all rounds must impact the back stop.

  • DO NOT use tracer or steel core ammo

  • NO alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other form of impairment while shooting on the shooting line. 

  • NO smoking while under the pavilion.

  • NO Shotgun shells marked High Velocity is to be used on steel targets.

  • NO shotgun shot larger than a size 7 is to be used on steel targets. 

  • ALL firearms must comply with all Federal Laws. 

  • Wear appropriate attire to shield from hot shell casings

  • Clean up your shooting area do not leave targets or stands on the range. 

  • Put all of your trash in the dumpster on the way out.



  • Must be 19 or older to use the range unaccompanied.

  • Minors (under 19) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to use the range.

  • All shooters above 18 must possess a valid state-issued ID

  • Must be 21 or older to possess a handgun unaccompanied

  • Must be 19 or older to possess a long-gun unaccompanied 



  • Run your match in accordance with sanctioning rules. 

  • Clean up your shooting area at the end of the match.

  • Put your targets, stands ad props away at the end of the match.

  • Do not leave any trip hazards on or in the shooting area. 

  • Empty the trash cans after the match

  • If your members use it, clean the Block Bathrooms after the match. 


Memberships effective 1/3/2023

Due to liability insurance you will have to be a member of the Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting range to use the range outside of your normal competition day. 

Club membership for competitive shooters is $250 a year. This will allow use of the range outside of normal competition times with observance of the following guidelines.

The range and property are also being used as recreation land by the owners. If we are on the range in a working or recreation capacity, we may not have a cell phone or email service to respond. We don’t want to be in the woods when the shooting starts.

  • Shooters must reserve spot at least 24 hours prior to use of the range. 

  • Members understand that a range maybe closed at times for maintenance, setup, matches or other reasons.

  • Shooters may bring a guest but the range usage fee of $10 per person applies.

  • Shooters and guests must sign in.

  • A guest must fill out a release form each time. Release form is to left in the box.

  • Shooters will shoot in the designated areas only and will not shoot on any range that is closed. 

  • Shooters must clean up any and all trash. This includes targets and target stands. If you bring it, you remove it. If you set it up you take it down

  • Picking up your brass is encouraged.

  • If you use a Cowboy stage front you will remove your brass from the shooting area. You will not use any of the NAR steel targets,

  • If you use the bathrooms you must clean them before you leave.

  • All shooting will be done by 3:00 pm. October 1st through mid May.

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