PCC / Carbine


Match Info

  • Monthly Match – Using a PCC Centerfire Carbine or a rimfire rifle, you also register to use pistol.

  • This is a USPSA style match. But done in a casual scoring format. 

  • We will shoot 5 stages with a round count of 20 to 30 rounds per stage.

  • Match location is in the action bays. 

  • 9:00am Registration – $15.00 (Per Division)

  • 10:00am Start

  • On-line registration also at http://www.practiscore.com  (search for CCR and date) Pre-registrations usually opens 2 weeks prior to match day.


  • All shooters must attend the Safety Meeting

  • All shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection

  • No Gun is to be loaded EXCEPT on the firing line. This is a cold range

  • Do Not Break the 180 degree rule.

  • Follow all the directions of the Range Office (RO).

  • This is a muzzle up range

  • Follow all of the range rules


  • Must take place under supervision on the firing line. 

  • Show that your gun is clear.

  • No round is to be under hammer, chambers are to be empty and closed.

  • Magazines are loaded to the round count behind the firing line. 

  • Magazines are inserted into the mag except under the direction of the TO.


  • This match is shot USPSA Outlaw format. 

  • Stages include moving and shooting from different locations


  • SHOW CLEAR AT SHOOTING POSITION THEN -> Proceed to supervised Unloading Table

  • Show that your gun is clear.

  • Show your magazines are clear.

  • Chambers are to be open. Chamber flags are required

  • Return your guns to storage.

Divisions include mens and ladies


  • Open PCC or Carbine

    • Run what brung. 

  • Iron Sights ​PCC or Carbine

  • Rimfire

  • Pistol 

    • Limited​ (Iron sights)

    • Open

  • Rimfire Pistol​

    • Limited​

    • Open