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Our Story

In 2019 three competitive shooters, Scott Pope & Greg Goff and Gary Dumas along with their families decided to buy the Cavern Cove shooting range.

We closed on the property in December of 2019. We quickly went to work renovating the range. We came up with a project list with an estimated completion time of two years. March of 2020 rolled around along with CoVid 19 and forced shutdowns. Rather than stay home on the weekends we went to work on the range. By December of 2020 we had completed the the project list. The range was looking great. 

Early December 2021 we added another partner Mark Dement, another long time competitive shooter. 

Our goal for the range is to be a unique shooting range that fosters the growth and development of the competitive shooting sports.

At Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting we are open to all shooting disciplines. If you want to start a club come talk to us. 


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