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To reserve a camping site for a monthly match.

Please be aware that this email is checked Monday through Friday. You may not get an immediate confirmation.

Camping is $25.00 a night which includes power and water. 

Sites 3-10 & 43 through 48 also have full hook ups and are $35 a night. 


You must fill out the form on this page to register for camping. The form is to the right.

You can pay by cash or check upon arrival.​

Please understand that we can not control the weather. In the event that you should get stuck, you will be responsible for any tow bill or damages to your vehicle. By agreeing to camp on the range you accept these conditions.

Reserve a camping spot or room for a Monthly Match.
Use the NAR page to register for Shoot Out or Ambush

  • To reserve a camping space or room please fill out the form below. 
  • Refer to the pricing schedule above for rooms and camping spots. 

We will send you a link to pay for your spot with credit card.
  • The link will come from Stripe. 
  • Once your spot is paid for it is then considered reserved.
  • Cancelation policy is listed above.

Thanks for submitting!

Camping map 2020.jpg

The Following sites are reserved.

Site #

  1.  (50A) Reserved 

  2.  (50A) Reserved 

  3. (30A)

  4. (30A)

  5. (30A)

  6. (30A)  

  7. (30A)

  8. (30A) 

  9. (30A)

  10. (30A) Reserved

  11. (30A)

  12. (30A)

  13. (30A)

  14. (30A)

  15. (30A) Reserved

  16. (30A)

  17. (30A)

  18. (30A)

  19. (30A)

  20. (30A)

  21. (30A)

  22. (30A)

  23. (50A)

  24. (50A)

  25. (30A)

  26. (30A)

  27. (50A)

  28. (30A)

  29. (50A)

  30. (30A)

  31. (50A)

  32. (30A)

  33. (50A)

  34. (30A)

  35. (50A)

  36. (30A)  

  37. (50A)

  38. (30A)

  39. (50A)

  40. (30A)

  41. (50A)

  42. (30A) 

  43. (30A)

  44. (30A)

  45. (30A)  

  46. (50A)   

  47. (50A)  

  48. (50A)

Under The Pavilion:

  • We have 5 rooms for rent under the pavilion. 

  • $35 a night

  • There is a bathroom and shower under the pavilion

  • You will need to bring bedding for a full size bed.

  • Rooms have window unit AC and radiator heater. 

Room #1   (Ben Blevins NRL22 9/20)

                   Pete Swenson 10/17

Room #2   Tom Sigmon 10/17

Room #3  James Sharp NRL 22 9/20

                  Howard Hurst 10/17

Room #4  Travis Schmitter NRL22 9/20

                  Tracy Stephanoski 10/16

Room #5   Wayne Kidd 10/17

Dog Run Cabin.

  • The Dog Run Cabin is near spot number 48.

  • Single room with a bathroom that has a shower.

  • It rents for $50 a night.

  • It has a full size bed.

  • You will need to bring your own bedding. 

  • Parking for this cabin is at the end of the cabin near spot 48. 

Dog Run #1 Chris Cornelius 10/17

Dog Run #2 Reserved Randy Morris

Dry Camp

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