To reserve a camping site

Please be aware that this email is checked Monday through Friday. You may not get an immediate confirmation.

Camping is $25.00 a night which includes power and water. 

Sites 43 through 48 also have full hook ups and are $35 a night. 


You must fill out the form on this page to register for camping. The form is to the right.

You can pay by cash or check upon arrival.

After you confirm your spot send the camping fee with your application.

You must be registered to shoot 60 days prior to the shooting date or your camping spot will be released.

Please understand that we can not control the weather. In the event that you should get stuck, you will be responsible for any tow bill or damages to your vehicle. By agreeing to camp on the range you accept these conditions.

Reserve a camping spot

The Following sites are reserved.

Site #

  1.  (50A) Reserved 

  2.  (50A) Reserved 

  3. (30A)

  4. (30A)

  5. (30A)

  6. (30A)

  7. (30A)

  8. (30A)

  9. (30A)

  10. (30A) Reserved

  11. (30A)

  12. (30A)

  13. (30A)

  14. (30A)

  15. (30A)

  16. (30A)

  17. (30A)

  18. (30A)

  19. (30A)

  20. (30A)

  21. (30A)

  22. (30A)

  23. (50A)

  24. (50A)

  25. (30A)

  26. (30A)

  27. (50A)

  28. (30A)

  29. (50A)

  30. (30A)

  31. (50A)

  32. (30A)

  33. (50A)

  34. (30A)

  35. (50A)

  36. (30A)

  37. (50A)

  38. (30A)

  39. (50A)

  40. (30A)

  41. (50A)

  42. (30A)

  43. (30A)

  44. (30A)

  45. (30A)

  46.  (30A)

  47.  (50A)

  48.  (50A)

Rooms For Rent

We have 5 rooms for rent. 

  • $35 a night. There is a 3 night minim for multiple day shoots. 

  • You will need to bring your own bedding and towels. There a bathroom and shower under the pavilion

  • Fill out the camping request. For the spot put "room #__"

  • You can settle up with us on the range. 

  • You will need to arrive before 5pm. 

Room #1 Reserved year round

Room #2 

Room #3 Reserved year round

Room #4

Room #5 

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