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Welcome to Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting.

We are a competition range, meaning the range is not open to the public.


Our venue hosts USPSA competition, Steel Challenge competition, Cowboy Action Shooting competition and Rimfire Challenge competition and NRL 22 competition.

Have a shooting discipline you would like to see added to the range? Feel free to drop us a note.

How do you find us? We are at 373 Ambush Trail, Woodville Al 35776. Plug us into your GPS and follow the directions.  

We also have RV camping on the range as well as several rooms we rent. 


We have 4 clubs at the range that host the different styles of competition. 


The Rocket City Practical Shooters host USPSA, 3-Gun & Steel Challenge match. These matches consist of Pistol, Revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine and Carbine competitions. 

The North Alabama Regulators host Cowboy Action shooting, which uses two single action revolvers a pistol caliber lever action rifle and a double barrel or model 1897 shotgun. 

Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting hosts a Rimfire Challenge Match

Cavern Cove NRL-22 is a precision 22 long rifle match. 

Coming April 20th 2024 

Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting

Rimfire Challenge Alabama State Championships. 

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