Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting 

Range Championships

Saturday June 20th & Sunday June 21st

Registration Deadline June 8th

The match is designed for you to pick your discipline and shoot the 10 stages in that discipline. For example if you are shooting the Cowboy Action discipline, you would shoot the 10 stages Cowboy Action Style. Same for the other disciplines.  Center fire rifle cartridges are not allowed in this match. 


Can you shoot two disciplines? YES! If you want to shoot CAS and PCC you are more than welcome to do that. 


Our disciplines will be:

  • Cowboy Action Shooting

  • Two Gun

  • PCC

  • Single Semi Auto Pistol

  • Single D/A Revolver.


We will take the top two finishers from each of the disciplines and bring them together for a Man on Man shoot off.


We will be shooting steel!  We will have a variety of target sizes and distances to accommodate each of the shooting disciplines. For Cowboy shooters you will see some targets that are smaller than you normally see at a match and further out. 



  • Cowboy Action Shooters you will need your rifle, shotgun and two revolvers and leather. If you want to dress comfortable you are more than welcome to do that. If you want to go full on cowboy attire you can also do that. 

  • PCC shooters you can shoot any PCC that is a pistol caliber of 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. You can use a carbine or a pistol style AR or variant. You will need your regular gear that you need for a match. 

  • Two Gun shooters you will need a Pistol a PCC and your regular gear for a match. Pistol Calibers only. 

  • Single Pistol / Revolver you will need your regular gear for a match. 


Round count:

  • Cowboy shooters 100 rifle, 100 pistol and 50 plus shotgun. (More is better)

  • PCC 300 plus rounds. (More is better)

  • Two Gun 200 plus rounds. (More is better)

  • Single Pistol / Revolver 200 plus rounds.(More is better)


The cost is for the match is $80 per shooter. If you decide to shoot a second division it is $40.

Included is a T-shirt and catered lunch on Sunday. 

Additionally we have. RV Camping on site. 

RV camping is $25 per night for water and power. 

We have a limited number of 30 amp spots that also have sewer dump for $35 a might. These are spots 3 through 10. You can request camping spots from our web page 

We also have rooms that we rent out for $45 a night. These rooms are on the range under the pavilion. They are a basic room with a bed, night stand and they do have A/C.

There is also a new shower house at the pavilion.  Please click the contact us button to reserve a room.