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Camping list for

Shootout At Cavern Cove

The Alabama State Championships

Please be aware that this email is checked Monday through Friday. We take reservations by the form below. We start working on reservations after the Regional Shoot.
You may not get an immediate confirmation. 

RV Camping on the Range


  • ​You must register using the form below 

  • Dry camping is $10 a night

  • ​Camping is $25.00 to $35.00 a night. 

  • ​Spots 3-10 are $35.00 a night, power, water, sewer. 

  • ​Spots 13 - 42 are $25 a night with water & power

  • Spots 43 - 47 are $35 a night for water, power & sewer dump. 

  • After you confirm your spot, we will send you a link to pay by credit card.

  • You must be registered to shoot 60 days prior to the shooting date or your camping spot will be released.

  • ​You must fill out the form on this page to register for camping.

  • Please understand that we can not control the weather. In the event that you should get stuck, you will be responsible for any tow bill or damages to your vehicle. By camping on the range you are agreeing to release Cavern Cove Competitive shooting from liability for tow bills and damage to your vehicle.

Rooms for rent on the range

  • You will need to bring your own bedding and towels

  • Fill out the camping request below. For the spot put "room #__"

  • You can settle up with us on the range. 

  • You will need to arrive before 5pm. 


Under The Pavilion

  • We have 5 rooms for rent under the pavilion. 

  • $35 a night, 3 night minimum. 

  • There is a bathroom and shower under the pavilion

  • You will need to bring bedding for a full size bed.

  • Rooms have window unit AC and radiator heater. 

Room #1   El Chivo

Room #2  Cahaba Kid

Room #3  LR Preacherman 

Room #4  Diamond Jake

Room #5  Johnny Ross

Hill Cabin

  • We have two rooms for rent at the Hill Cabin.

  • These Rooms rent for $50 a night.

  • The rooms have a shared bathroom in the hall.

Room#6  Copperhead Joe

Room#7  Copperhead Joe

Dog Run Cabin

We have one cabin in the dog run cabin. It has a full size bed and a single bed. It also has it's own bathroom and shower.

Rental is $50 a night.

Dog Run #1 (LR) Randy Saint Eagle

Dog Run #2 (LR) Toolman

Cancelation policy for Rooms and Camping


  • Cancelations the week of the event will incur a one night charge. 

  • Failure to cancel with a no show will incur the full stay charge.

Camping map 2020_edited.jpg

The Following sites are reserved.

Site #

  1. 50A Barbwire Benn

  2. (LR) Buslin Bell

  3. 30A  Big Foot Wallace

  4. 30A  (LR) Mustang Dave 

  5. 30A (LR) Smart *  

  6.  30A (LR) Cardboard Cowboy  

  7. 30A (LR) Doc Southerly  

  8. 30A (LR) Pecos Pete  

  9.  30A (LR) Ben T Iron

  10.  30A  Ranger Dan

  11. 30A (LR) Drake Robey  

  12. 30A  Uncle Ethan 

  13. 30A  Camper van only Class B

  14. 30A  (LR) Lawman Mark 

  15. 30A  (LR Shiner Bock Bob

  16. 30A (LR) Badlands Bob   

  17.  30A (LR) Crazy Kajun   

  18. 30A (LR) Null N.Void

  19. 30A (LR) JM Brown

  20. 30A  (LR) Max Payne  

  21. 30A  (LR) Brown Summit Kid

  22. 30A  Whiskey RO

  23. 50A  (LR) Buster  

  24. 50A Brazos Bell

  25. 30A  (LR) Hopalong  

  26. 30A  (LR) River City Bly 

  27. 50A (LR) Poncho  

  28. ​30A (LR) Cleve 

  29. 50A (LR) Bushrod   

  30. 30A (LR) Doc Roy L Pain

  31. 50A (LR) George Emmett

  32. 30A  Ruff Kutt

  33. 50A (LR) Steelshot Scott 

    1. (LR) Chas B Wolfson​

  34. 30A 

    1. (LR) Black Fish Kid

  35. 30A Carolina Yankee

  36. 30A  

  37. 50A (LR) Little Feller

  38. 30A (LR) Napa Sidewinder

  39. 50A (LR) Col F. Tuscarora

  40. 30A (LR) Gunner Down

  41. 50A (LR) Rubicon Rider

  42. 30A (LR) Long Colt Tommy​ 

  43. 30A (LR) Horse Doc 

  44. 30A (LR) Purly

  45. 30A (LR) Hurricane Charley  

  46. 30A (LR) Canoe Creek Kid

  47. 50A (LR) Wiley Joe

  48. 50A (LR) Reno Mustang

  49. 30A (LR) Tin Can Sailor

26 A. 30A  

26 B. 30A 

Dry Camp 2 

Dry Camp 3 

Dry Camp 4  

Dry Camp 5 

Dry Camp 6  

Dry Camp 7 

Dry Camp 8

Reserve a camping spot or room
  • To reserve a camping space or room please fill out the form below. 
  • Refer to the pricing schedule above for rooms and camping spots. 
  • If you have questions or concerns, do not contact the North Alabama Regulators. They have nothing to do with camping. Reach out to Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting @ our web page
We will send you a link to pay for your spot with credit card. Please do not send a check.
  • The link will come from Stripe. 
  • Please do not send a check.
  • Once your spot is paid for it is then considered reserved.
  • Cancelation policy.
    • Cancelations the week of the event will incur a one night charge. 

    • Failure to cancel with a no show will incur the full stay charge.

Thanks for submitting!

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